Multimodal container shipment is the most environmentally friendly way of moving cargo to Russia and often also the most cost efficient.

SSL offers various route options depending on the customers preferred customs clearance point.


Via Russian ports (St Petersburg and Ust Luga)

SSL offers door – door container shipments via St Petersburg and Ust Luga using 45ft palletwide containers as well as other container types.  We have various shipping line options from all main ports in Northern Europe and the UK depending on the required transit time, frequency and cargo origin. SSL can also move hazardous cargoes and offers reefer units for perishable loads.

SSL has own office in St Petersburg to control local operations and ensure smooth transit of cargo from the port. Customers requiring JIT delivery for final destination and cost effective “ buffer” storage benefit from SSL’s own inland container terminal which is located at Veliky Novgorod.

All customers are offered back up contingency routes and port options incase of any unforeseen disruption to primary routing. SSL can re-route cargo even after loading incase of new regulations or other constraints which prevent use of primary gateway to Russia.

SSL can arrange stand trailers for added flexibility at the loading sites, and same for unloading at destination.

Containers can be fitted with GPS “track-a-lock” devises which enable customers to monitor the container location in real time, and receive messages when container doors are opened.

All customers have access to SSL’s daily track and trace reports.

Benefits of SSL container service via St Petersburg include:

Choice of shipping lines and loading ports to suit the origin location and required transit time.
Port forwarding at all St Petersburg and Ust Luga container terminals.
Wide range of container types available including 45ft hc palletwides and reefers.
Inland container terminal in Veliky Novgorod Russia for low cost storage and ability to meet tight JIT delivery windows in Moscow and beyond.
Possibility to reload cargo from container to trailer in St Petersburg incase trailer is preferred for onward delivery.
Customs broker services available at St Petersburg port.


Via Finnish ports (Kotka and Helsinki)

In case customers prefer to arrange customs clearance at final destination, container shipment via Finland is often a cost effective solution. SSL office in Kotka Finland arranges transit documents for the delivery to Russia, either using TIR carnets or customs licensed trucks. SSL Vyborg office is on 24/7 stand by to support drivers at the Finnish Russian border.

Benefits of SSL container service via Finland include:

Fast container and roro vessel connections from UK East Coast and Continental ports.
Cargo specifics verified in Finland to ensure smooth border crossing to reduce the possibility of costly Russian customs checks.
SSL Vyborg office assisting drivers at the Finnish Russian border incase of any unforeseen issues.
Possibility reload cargo to reefer trailers for the delivery to Russia incase cargo needs protection from frost.
Oncarriage to Russia by customs licensed trucks incase TIR carnet use not possible.
GPS tracking devices available for monitoring real time location and door opening.
TAPA TSR level 2 accredited operation for high value load.