Terminal in figures

Lifting equipment with max 45 ton capacity, capable of handling 20ft, 40ft and 45ft units.
TAPA Level 2 security.
Distances from the terminal:

  • St Petersburg 200 km
  • Tver 360 km
  • Moscow 520 km

Main advantages

Private SSL facility with 24/7 access.
Secure storage, allowing controlled call off for your J.I.T. – just in time – arrival at your final destination.
Opportunity to avoid expensive quay rent costs and unpredictable departure times from St Petersburg Port.
Convenient location in Velikiy Novgorod comply with Moscow MKAD daytime driving restrictions.

Common issues

I wish I could reduce my costs
I wish I didn’t have to store my pallets for as long as I do…
I wish I could find a solution where I could increase my part range without taking on extra storage space…
I wish I could reduce my inventory…


We could HELP!

Imagine being the one to reduce costs.
Imagine not having to store for longer than necessary.
We can deliver to the warehouse when YOU are ready to ship out of the warehouse, that’s how close we can get to JIT.
Less inventory in the warehouse means increased product lines can be held.
Increased products/articles means more sales, less waiting and optimal supply to the consumer.

You gain

Secure storage of your cargo at convenient location between St. Petersburg and Moscow allowing controlled call off to the main destinations in Russia.
Cargo collection with short pre-notice.
Just in time delivery to the final destination.
Maximum control and security of your cargo.


You Save

Time and money on:

  • Unpredictable departure time from St. Petersburg port.
  • No quay rent charges.
  • No demurrage charges.

We offer

JIT = equally spread manpower at your DC – avoid fluctuations and reduce over time
Increased stability towards your overall supply chain
Our ICT will will help avoid high port storage charges