Organisation Apr 2019 draft

Spedition Services Ltd (SSL) is an independent privately owned Logistics Services Provider. The Company was founded in 1990 in the UK and grew fast focusing initially on the Russian and Central Asian markets. Today the company operates a network of offices in the UK, Finland, Benelux, Russia, Kazakhstan and Turkey. Own office network is supplemented by dedicated partners globally. The company’s head quarters were re-located to Brussels in 2010 as part of our corporate strategy to Benelux.

Since the early 1990’s SSL has served numerous global blue chip companies to Russia, many of which remain customers to this date. Due to its independence and sound financial structure the company has been able to respond quickly to changing market conditions in its operating area. Ongoing innovation and proactive attitude was recognised by Procter & Gamble in 2009 as SSL received P&G’s Global Supplier Award.


Flexibility to cargo routing and modality is at the heart of SSL’s operation, as the company offers all customers contingency routes to supplement primary cargo gateways. SSL’s customers are not tied to one entry route to Russia but can take advantage of changing market conditions and ensure operations are always optimised.

During the last few years SSL has expanded its railway business from Far Eastern origins to Kazakhstan via China, and operates with own containers from all major Chinese ports via a network of dedicated partners.  Further development followed in 2012 when SSL opened own private inland container terminal (ICT)  in Veliky Novgorod Russia. The Terminal is helping customers to achieve smooth just in time deliveries to Moscow and other inland destinations with cost effective “buffer” storage at the ICT.

SSL has also invested in its capability on overland trailer business, particularly in the lead time sensitive automotive and retail markets. The company operates double manned express trucks and Sprinter vans to both Russia and Kazakhstan for urgent VOR loads. Shippers with high value cargoes benefit from SSL’s real time GPS tracking and guarding services. The company is accredited by the Transport Asset Protection Association (TAPA) and was granted TAPA’s TSR category A level 2 certification in 2012.


Main advantages of using SSL include:

Over two decades of operational excellence in Russia and CIS countries.
Competitive pricing achieved by extensive purchasing power in its operating area.
Extensive network of own offices at all strategic points.
Established  client  base  including  several  multinational  shippers.
TAPA TSR level 2 accreditation for security.
ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified operations.
Dun & Bradstreet 2A 1 certified rating.


Our Mission, our Vision

To excel in Logistics and Supply Chain Services to Russia & FSU countries.

To be true to our word and totally customer oriented offering innovation and creativity coupled with a proactive and definitive approach.   Providing solutions to each and every challenge faced and at all times maintaining our ethos and integrity.  To build relevant and real tools which will enhance, optimise and simplify our goals and those of our customer base.

To remain agile, flexible and attentive to the needs demanded by our customers and to work together WITH our clients and suppliers alike. To drive partnerships towards the long term and build strong systems which can withstand the volatility of the market we work in.

To reach and exceed each and every goal and kpi set by our customer with the constant ambition to continuously improve both personally and globally.

To treat all people equally, to be compassionate and have a warm and welcoming environment where ideas and suggestions can not only be given, but also be driven to reality.  To be fair and just to all as without one another, it does not work.