Project Logistics @ SSL

Meet Brian Redford, SSL’s Development Manager who later this year will have clocked up 2 decades with SSL but in the business since 1979 where he covered EMEA. Together with the support of colleagues, Brian is also establishing new routes, opportunities, suppliers, and markets. He is always looking for ways to expand the business of our existing customers, in their current markets and looking for new ones. Brian is one of our team members who specialize in project logistics.


Like with all others, we are truly lucky to have Brian on board. We decided to ask him a few questions about his exciting experiences within SSL and our project logistics department.

How has the company developed compared to when you first began?

When I first joined SSL, we were only 8 years old and we had 2 offices, one in the UK and one in Moscow. Over the years, SSL has increased to 10 offices and 52 staff and have expanded their speciality from Russia/CIS to now offering; Finland, Mongolia, Turkey, Iran, Israel, coupled also with a lot of intra-European projects.


What is one of your most memorable experiences associated with project logistics?

I have many, from moving boats to simulators, Van Gogh’s Ear to a huge “mesh” type horse, the list goes on. Each and every one has been extremely exciting.


The sculpture, Van Gogh’s Ear at the Rockefeller Center


The European Games in Baku, Azerbaijan

What is the biggest challenge associated with your job?              

The unexpected! We can try to control everything, we can plan, put procedures in place, SOPs, and established routings. However, you never know what’s around the corner, and what’s coming to test you. It could be a strike, breakdown, politics, adverse weather… anything that can come along and disrupt a logistics operation without warning, thus we must always expect the unexpected.

The unexpected is my greatest challenge, but equally it is being able to cope with the curve balls with minimal impact on the customers.


“You never know what’s around the corner.”

What do you enjoy the most about working with SSL?

The fact that I’ve been here almost 20 years, there’s definitely a lot I enjoy. The family atmosphere is amazing, the support both in and out of hours, the challenges and the opportunities.  I’ve been given freedom and flexibility to be creative and test new methods/routes, it’s not everyday one has this opportunity. I also appreciate the fact that I can pass on my knowledge to the rest of the team, to help them benefit in the future and progress within the company. The short line of communication to the top is a huge plus point so yes, I’m very happy for being here.


Huge gratitude Brian, for your teamwork, dedication and loyalty! Thank you for the many years you have been with us, all your hard work, and all the great experiences to come!


Sailing event in St. Petersburg, Russia


Transporting a simulator to Moscow, Russia