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Our History

Spedition Services Limited (SSL) is a transport and logistics provider offering solutions to industry towards challenging markets.  Established in December 1990 in the United Kingdom by Jens Rastorp who had been working in the USSR since 1973. A year later Jens was joined by Yasmin Fazal.  Jens played a pivotal part in teaching his protégé Yasmin about the workings of the then USSR and the current Russian Federation, so strong was their commitment to the service industry they captured interest from some of the worlds’ largest companies who till today remain long term clients.  Over the years Yasmin earned an increasing shareholding in SSL and after the sad passing of her mentor and partner in 2014, she became the new sole owner of SSL. 


In line with our growth, Yasmin was joined by Cormac Tracey in 2016 as Director of Strategy. Cormac hails from a corporate background in logistics and supply chain and brought with him roughly 20 years of global experience. Cormac is managing our logistics centres/activities in Belgium, Finland, Poland and Russia.


In more recent years, SSL has expanded and now has 8 offices in 5 countries! We have continued to build long lasting relationships and are consistently expanding our growing network of suppliers. This network of offices and partners provides you with a complete range of logistics services tailor made to your needs including development of software for specific projects.


As a privately owned company, SSL’s ambitions remain solid, fostering growth in markets and relationships with a strong onus upon CSR and the sustainability. SSL always hold their team in the highest esteem, an equal opportunities employer with a very well balanced and diverse staff who are highly skilled and trained in achieving the ultimate results both for SSL and our clients.

To listen to your needs, to understand your business model, to create a solution and finally; to deliver a sustainable logistics solution which is innovative, reliable, cost-efficient and well
balanced. It must tick each and every box to ensure the clients criteria is met and surpassed on
all levels.


Our strong, talented, motivated and well-educated, multicultural team are the core of SSL.
They collaborate on all levels and together ensure the “mission” is accomplished. We work with trusted suppliers, modern IT systems, various transport modalities and storage
facilities of the highest quality. We are flexible and as such, can adjust the resources in such a
way that the customers receive only the best and most agile service.


Going Green

SSL remains committed to protecting the environment and minimizing environmentally damaging practices. We continually strive for environmentally conscious policies, such as minimizing our waste, partnering with suppliers who have environmental certifications and share our core values. More information regarding our commitment to a greener future can be found here


ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified operations. Dun & Bradstreet 3A certified rating. AEO status for customs simplification (AEOC) 


TAPA TSR 1 & 2 accreditation for security




Worldwide Freight Liability Insurance