Corporate Social Responsibility Spedition Services Limited

Our ambition

SSL aim to provide a complete spectrum of logistics services to industry and beyond. The
target is to support the clients’ goals from “OTD” to “CO2 reduction” and more. With this, we
wish to continue our internal growth and generate a solid foundation of knowledge, expertise,
thus ensuring profitability within the process. This fruitfulness allows us to continue to develop
our team and our capabilities. Sustainability is an integral element of our policy and DNA and
forms part and parcel of our training both internally and externally towards our supply base.
SSL’s aim is to continue to enhance its’ responsibility towards towards people, the environment
and society in general, it is critical for SSL to monitor the level of growth within CSR and to
ensure that we can always see progress from previous years.

Our approach to CSR

SSL thrive to constantly expand their network of operations to the uppermost quality and
standards. This is not only about growth, but a combination of quality, reputation and
credibility. The relationships we have built with our customers, contractors and other business
partners have had a substantial impact and, positively supported the enhancement and evolution
of SSL.
We shape relationships on a foundation of respect, integrity and ethics. This corporate social
responsibility report sets out SSL’s values and commitment to doing business ethically,
responsibly and in accordance with the applicable laws. We expect our business partners to
share these values and uphold them when doing business with SSL or, when acting on our
Corporate Social Responsibility Last revised: 03.03.2021

Our mission

To listen to your needs, to understand your business model, to create a solution and finally to:
Deliver a sustainable logistics solution which is innovative, reliable, cost-efficient and well
balanced. It must tick each and every box to ensure the clients criteria is met and surpassed on
all levels.
Our strong, talented, motivated and well-educated, multicultural team are the core of SSL.
They collaborate on all levels and together ensure the “mission” is accomplished.
We work with trusted suppliers, modern IT systems, various transport modalities and storage
facilities of the highest quality. We are flexible and as such, can adjust the resources in such a
way that the customers receive only the best and most agile service.

Business ethics and anti-corruption

We integrate Corporate Social Responsibility in our business and operations. Regardless of
local business cultures, all employees of SSL fully understand and share the same values and
approach to how we conduct our business ethically. This is an essential pre-requisite of our
To ensure this, we have a Code of Conduct which offers information and guidance to all team
members on ethical conduct towards customers, competitors and subcontractors.
Our efforts to increase this awareness both internally and externally are continuous, the Code
of Conduct for SSL is an integral part of the business and essential to sustainable activity.

Quality of services

SSL strive to achieve the highest standards of services and is ISO 9001, ISO 14001, AEO and
TAPA TSR certified. These certifications rely heavily on the quality of our people, equipment
and processes.

Corporate Social Responsibility Last revised: 03.03.2021

Human Resources

SSL is a family-run company with a long tradition at the headquarters in Waterloo, Belgium.
The company also has offices in the UK and Finland. Many employees have been with
the company for many years. SSL is committed to responsible employment practices and we
expect the same of our suppliers.
We strive to motivate and increase the skills of our loyal, multicultural, strong and talented
employees in line with the changing conditions for the business by offering relevant education,
career development opportunities and being an attractive workplace for employees where they
can work together, supported by the right assets, efficient tools and technology.
Employees are acknowledged as a very important asset to Spedition Services, and we seek to
further develop their skills to the benefit of the company. We stimulate the personal
development of competencies of our employees in order for them to meet the changing future
conditions of the business. We set up training programs to facilitate development by enhancing
skills and competencies. We create an attractive workplace with a unique culture where
employees can reach their ambitions and achievements and work together in a safe and
motivating place. We use the right assets, take advantage of new technologies and use the best
suited IT solutions to support our employees’ daily work.
Spedition Services provides a safe working environment for their employees which complies
with international standards and applicable local health and safety regulations. In order to
mitigate health and safety risks during working time Spedition Services will provide
appropriate controls, safe work procedures and training for their employees. SSL believes that
the protection of life and health in the workplace is a fundamental right. Our vision is that all
workers at our suppliers’ facilities are provided a safe, hygienic and healthy workplace, with
robust safety management systems which foster a strong culture of safety. Additionally, we
require our suppliers to anticipate, recognize, evaluate and control occupational health and
hygiene hazards in the workplace, use routine monitoring and analytical methods to determine
the potential health effects of hazards that are present in the workplace, and control worker
exposure to these health hazards.
SSL recognises and adheres to the international standards and local laws restricting working
hours that are designed to protect the safety and long-term health of workers as well as to
recognize that everyone has a right to rest and free time.
Corporate Social Responsibility Last revised: 03.03.2021
Spedition Services ensures appropriate training is in place to allow all their employees and
managers to gain an appropriate level of knowledge and understanding of the subjects
mentioned in this corporate social responsibility program.
SSL believe all workers have the right to freely associate and collectively bargain. All workers
have the right to organize, participate or carry out union activities.

Environment and climate

In accordance with the goals as laid down in our ISO 14001 policy document, Spedition
Services strives to reduce energy consumption and emissions to the atmosphere.
It’s expected that Spedition Services uses natural resources as water and fuel in an economical
way. Spedition Services is committed to environmental practices which lead to a responsible
supply chain; such as waste avoidance, recycling and energy conservation. Spedition Services
supports a precautionary approach to environmental challenges. Negative impacts on the
environment and climate will be minimized or eliminated as much as possible.

Responsible Supply Chain

We conduct intermodal transport as a main element to an overall CO2 reduction. We can create
shared value by lowering the cost of transportation by intermodal transport, which leads to
lower overall costs, fewer vehicle kilometres driven and lower fuel consumption and thereby a
reduction in carbon emissions and carbon footprint.

Human rights

Spedition Services is committed to protect internationally accepted human rights. We strictly
enforce the following conditions within our own organization and with our partners:
• Prohibition of child labour
We don’t use child labour. We don’t employ any person under the age of 15 or below
the legal minimum age, if higher.
• Prohibition of forced labour
Corporate Social Responsibility Last revised: 03.03.2021
We don’t use forced or compulsory labour in any form.
• Principle of non-discrimination
We reject any discrimination based on age, gender, race, ethnic or social background,
national origin, religion or belief, disability, gender reassignment, union activity,
political affiliation or any other personal characteristic or other status protected by law.
Our business partners ensure not to use or facilitate any forced or compulsory labour. We
expect our Business Partners doing business in accordance with the ILO Convention C29
regarding forced labour and the ILO Convention C105 regarding Abolition of forced labour.
Furthermore, ILO Convention C29 requires its business partners to abstain from the use of
child labour. We expect our Business Partners doing business in accordance with the ILO
Convention C138 regarding minimum age and the ILO Convention C182 regarding the forms
of child labour.
We provide compensation and benefits that are fair and comply with applicable laws.